Despite the popular belief that some people are just not naturally gifted with the creative gene, there really isn’t any evidence that any one person is inherently more creative than another. Instead creativity is a state that anyone can cultivate.

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Turbo charge your creativity and become
a better photographer.

Are you constantly looking for ways to get the most out of yourself and do you find it important to develop yourself as a photographer? Do you want to boost your confidence and break through creative barriers?

In a 1 on 1 mentoring I like to answer all your questions to be able to grow and develop as a photographer.

Fast feedback

Q&A about photography; portfolio, Q&A, techniques
Start at

€95 per hour

Super mentoring

Exploring your capabilities to level up as a photographer
Start at

€275 for 3 hours

(for example one hour each week)

Turbo coaching

Fill your creative brain with inspiration, assignments and practical tips
Start at

€950 for 12 hours

(for example one hour each month)

Topics that are discussed during a session

How to improve your post processing and workflow?

What do I do with situations that I find difficult as a photographer?

How to improve your skills?

Feedback on assignments

What are your strengths and weaknesses in your photography?

Critique and feedback on your portfolio

Composition, moment and light

How to continue to challenge yourself in photography?

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