Get cape, wear cape, fly

My philoshophy is simple.

I love to exceed your expectation on how you perceive yourself being photographed.

My inspiration is fueled by every sense I own. One of my special human tricks is that I am able to incapsulate your best memories in one single photo.

I strongly believe in human interaction. Because digital is just digital. And I pretend to be super mysterious.

But in real life I am not.

So send me an e-mail and lets have some coffee.

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Joost Seegers: concept, editorial
Jan Raven: portraits
Hotel Okura: editorial
Talis: portraits
Maggie Steber: editorial
Waylon: portraits
Sokorganiseert: portraits
Gemeente Nijmegen: portraits


Van der valk: portraits
Great Things: portraits, reel support
Subcultuur:  concept
Orange films: portraits
Codebreakers: portraits
Koert-Jan de Bruin: portraits
Bistro Flores: content
Hotel Blue: content

Michael & Giso: lookbook
Anne-ID: portraits
Rik Plag: editorial
Justin Case: editorial
Ed Kashi: portraits
Kamado Jewels: lookbook
Hotel credible: portraits
ABN-AMRO: portraits


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