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Happy tuesday #1


A burning ring

It burned a hole in my pocket for ten hours straight. It made me reflect on every scenario possible. What would happen and how would it shape my future? It gave our trip a fourth dimension.

One day earlier on a warm friday morning in august. The sun shone through the front window of my car, as I turned on the radio and heard this song by a group called Fink. The warm light and the music embraced my happiness. As I drove to my father in law for a blessing.

Thirty hours later we stood in the middle of the centre of Bordeaux. Surrounded by a crowd of japanese tourists, next to this incredible water monument. And everything to that specific moment and that really important little sentence changed my life for good. She said yes.

As life is filled with so many important memories. This image will forever resonate through our lifes. Bringing us back to that one vibrant moment in which we created a new universe together.


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