Mathijs Hanenkamp


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I was born in the year of the first Star Wars. My youth consisted of crushing the game Pong, a commodore 64, playing outside and watching movies. My first movie was Rambo 1. And as a little boy I was instant flabbergasted (still one of the best movies ever made imo).

My interest in movies grew from watching really bad ninja films to awesome cinemagraphic movies with great storytelling. Alongside I could forget day and night because I was hooked on drawing cartoons, people and illustrations. Art history peaked around the corner at school. But after trying to study to become an architect for one year. I switched to a general marketing study which I finished.

Meanwhile I discovered Photoshop which I used a lot for illustrations. And after a shortwhile I found out that it was ideal for creating my own photos. And a seed was planted. I worked a couple of years at a big dutch energy company after my study. But something was missing. I wanted to be a creator not a generalist. And slowly as time passed by I started moving towards photography. First small assignments like portraits. Also shooting concerts in dimlighted venues. And suddenly I had a publication in the Playboy with an upcoming music artist. Which was pretty cool. And I was hooked. That year was my kickstart of a photography journey which brought me to places like Ibiza, Dubai, Bali, the US. My photography evolved from shooting personal portraits to shooting more emotive documentary. And I figured out how my interest in movies, art history and drawing became an inspiration for my own work.

bucketlist: travel to space and photograph earth in one click (not a composite), create a portrait of our king, swim in the biggest swimmingpool in the world, become a curator at a photo museum, become a mentor to starting photographers, start a printcompany,