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+ What is your style?

I am a guest during your wedding day, but with a camera, following you like a shadow. I also love documenting life, people and all the small and big moments in between. And when combined I create little timecapsules for future viewing pleasure.

+ Will you shoot our wedding even if it is in New Zealand?

I love to travel. Just let me know where and when.

+ Do you edit all the images?

Every single image goes through a super advanced edit program. And hung to dry overnight in my cellar.

+ Can we meet in person?

Yes lets make contact! I think it is very important to meet in person. Just let me know when and how. Skype is always a possibility for first face to face.

+ Is it possible to add options to the packages?

Yes. Each package can be customized by adding hours, a second photographer, albums etc. It is all à la carte.

+ How many images do you deliver?

A minimum of 250 images depending on the package and all the quirkiness during the day. But always expect more.

+ Do you watermark you images?

In 1985 I would :)

+ How soon do you deliver the images after the wedding?

Expect them when least expected. But normally between 4-6 weeks.

+ Do you recommend a portrait shoot during our wedding day?

Yes. First of all it is a moment of relaxation in between all the hectic. Second it is just really really fun to do. And third just embrace the ackwardness together.


El grande
10 hours
- online gallery
- slideshow for sharing
- 450+ images (high-res jpegs)
- 5 A4 fine prints
- high quality art-book (30x30 cm)
€1995 euro

El ocho
8 hours
- online gallery
- slideshow for sharing
- 300+ images (high-res jpegs)
- 3 A4 fine prints
€1395 euro

El seis magnifico
6 hours
- online gallery
- slideshow for sharing
- 200+ images (high-res jpegs)
€1195 euro

- meet & greet shoot: 195 euro
- high quality art-book (30x30 cm), 30x30 cm, 40 pages: 575 euro
- extra hours: 100 euro
- second photographer

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